Monday, 4 November 2013

Mary Queen of Scots by Matthew P5C

Mary Queen of Scots
By Matthew Caldwell
Amazing it's Mary Queen of Scots! P5C are now members of  Mary Stewart's court. First Mary teaches the class how to behave if you are a member of the Queen's court but they don't look like members of the court so P5C put on clothes that show their importance. Next P5C as members of her grace's court Queen Mary toured them around her exhibition about her life. The information was great and P5C's brains are crammed with knowledge. What a day!
Top 5 facts about Mary Queen of Scots

1. Mary was Catholic.
2. Mary had three husbands.
3. Darnley was Mary's second husband.
4. John Knox was a protestant who made Mary's life very hard.
5. Mary spent most of her childhood in France.

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