Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Charlotte - P5B Chief Blogger!

P5B give their opinions about Stovie making and the Mary Queen of Scots trip
By Charlotte

Cooking stovies!
“It was veggie-tastic!” Charlotte
“Fun, yummy and good development.” Yash
“Cooking stovies was EPIC! I loved it." Luke
“I wish we made stovies more often!” Gracie
“It was fun making stovies.”Mathew Ross
“The stovies were really fun to make, I wish we could do it again.” Holly

Mary Queen of Scots exhibition!
“She was scary!” Charlotte
“It was interesting, exciting and scary.”Yash
“Fun, enjoyable and educational!” Luke
“We should go on trips like that more often.” Gracie
“It was fun and interesting.” Mathew Ross
The Mary queen of Scots exhibition was FUN and EPIC! Holly

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