Sunday, 16 March 2014

Scottish Opera

The Curse of the MacCabbra Opera House

Scottish Opera will again work with all three P5 classes, this year to stage a costumed production entitled "The Curse of the MacCabbra Opera House". We are always amazed, as we are sure you will be, at the incredible production our friends from Scottish Opera manage to create in just one day.

Lyrics have been published on the tabs at the top of the P5 Class Page to help pupils become word perfect by 28th April, when they will receive an Advance Workshop to help them prepare for the big day.

The performance to families will take place on Tuesday 13th May when two adults per child will be invited to the Hall between 2.15pm and 2.45pm. Siblings will be invited to a dress rehearsal earlier in the day.

Music by Alan Penman
Lyrics by Johnny McKnight

Enter if you dare…It’s midnight and the ghosts of the ancient MacCabbra Opera House are rising from their graves to help struggling writers Compo Zerr and Libby Retto finish their final masterpiece. Can they polish it off before the audience arrives? Will the critics slay their creation? And more importantly, will the hapless duo make it safely through the night?

A new show for upper primary pupils, The Curse of the MacCabbra Opera House is a cross-curricular gothic horror extravaganza that explores the work that goes into creating an opera, both on-stage and off.

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