Thursday, 26 September 2013

Mr Howie's Old Edinburgh Trip - P5B

Yesterday morning, Mr Howie took us on a trip around old Edinburgh.  We learned about Burke and Hare and how they were body snatchers.  We saw Greyfriar's Bobby's grave and his master John Grey.  It rained heavily but as usual it is Edinburgh and we enjoyed it all the same.                                                   

Mr Howie locked us in the Covenanter's prison and we had to stand in the most haunted place in the UK.  It felt scary but fun!

By Sam and Clarys

'The weather was horrible but it was fun.'  Sam Duffy

'It was really fun but scary.'  Clarys

'Interesting but scary.'  Yash

'The only thing that was misssing was thunder and lightning.'  Toby Macintosh

'Fun, interesting, spooky and FAB.'  Morgan

'The creepy dead graveyards, I could almost feel the earth crumbling...' Kirsty

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